Faculty of Engineering



Research and development (R&D) in the field of science, technology and engineering is a vital element in the generation of knowledge and the creation of high valued products. The protection and sustainability aspects of human being have been an important contemporary issue due to the existence of man-made or natural threats. Most of the hardware, equipment, material and structure of the protection are based on a specific technology that can be developed through a particular knowledge and skills in the field.

The establishment of the PROTECT Unit is important to increase the Faculty of Engineering’s contribution to the NDUM. The contributions come in the forms of research, consultation and education. The establishment of the unit is in line with the target of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia that focuses on the effort to strengthen the proses of transformation in higher education. This ultimately allows higher education to achieve a recognised standard worldwide.

The main objectives of the establishment the PROTECT Unit are to:

i. elevate the name and uniqueness of the Faculty of Engineering as a renowned and leading faculty in the niche of protection and sustainability research

ii. provide referral services at the national and international level.

iii. harness the expertise and knowledge in NDUM or from other external agencies.

iv. give valuable contributions in the process of developing human capital and academic expansion.

v. develop sophisticated research infrastructures for the niche of protection and sustainability where multi-discipline, cross-faculty researchers may collaborate more efficiently.

Last Updated: 6/20/2012 9:44:54 AM