Faculty of Engineering



Vacancies available for Graduate Research Assistant (Master/PhD Program in Mechanical Engineering/Defence Technology) at National Defence University Malaysia for research projects:

Project 1- Development of Natural Based Composite Small Arm Protective Insert Plate for Body Armor Application (M.Sc/PhD)

Project 2- Numerical Simulation Studies of Ballistic Impact from Deformable Projectile (M.Sc/PhD)

Successful candidate must enroll as full time M.Sc/PhD student at the university with contract duration of 2 years.

Entry Requirements:

  1. For Malaysian candidate: Must possess a Bachelor degree in Mechanical/Material/Manufacturing Engineering (minimum 2nd Class Lower or CGPA 2.75 and above).However candidate with working experiences in related engineering field with CGPA of 2.50 and above can also apply.
    For international candidates: CGPA 3.00 and above.
  2. Good proficiency in English (written and oral).
  3. For Project 1, candidate must possess a sound engineering knowledge/experiences on tool & mold design, compression molding and composite technology. For Project 2, candidate must possess a sound engineering knowledge/experiences in ANSYS/MSC DYTRAN/LSDYNA/CATIA/SOLIDWORKS are preferable.
  4. M.Sc/PhD tuition fee discount (up to 50%).
  5. Monthly Allowance: Starting of RM 1500 (negotiable) for M.Sc and RM1700 for PhD (negotiable).

For Malaysian candidates, you are eligible to apply the MyBrain15 scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education. Please refer to the link for further details: https://www.mohe.gov.my/MyBrain15/index.php

Please email your CV to bajukebal@gmail.com for further consideration.

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