Faculty of Engineering

Programme Educational Outcomes


The Programme Objectives, also known as the Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) was developed to fulfill the Vision and Mission of the Faculty of Engineering, UPNM, and are tabulated as follows:

Version 2013 onwards:

PEO1Engineers possess positive personal values and decorum.
PEO2Competent engineers in the respective fields.
PEO3Engineers possess leadership and professional quality.

Version 2007 to 2012:

PEO1Graduates possess positive personal values; subservient to God, responsible and dedicated to work in societies of diverse backgrounds in serving the Community and the Nation and able to communicate effectively across a range of contexts and audiences.
PEO2Graduates are technically competent and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in performing their duties professionally and ethically as an engineer, leader and/or manager while maintaining their professional development and contribution for the betterment of the Nation and Mankind.
PEO3Graduates possess military leadership and professional qualities contributing towards the development of the Nation and Worldwide with abilities to respond and adapt readily to changing situations including in time of emergency and during war.

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