Faculty News

Moto Inno Cup 2018
November 2nd, 2018, our students won the first runner up at the 2018's Motorola Inno Cup at INTI College Penang. A job well done.
Lt Col Abdul Latif Taha's (R) Retirement
Congratulations to Lt Col Abdul Latif Taha (R) for his retirement. We are all so gratefull to have him serving the faculty and the university, and wishing him the all the best in the future.
July 7th 2018, FKJ's Raya Party
The month is almost over, but the season is still in the air.
July 5th 2018, NDUM's Raya Celebration
A little smaller scale as the students aren't around, but still festive.
NDUM's Autonomy Audit
FKJ welcomes the Auditors of Malaysia Productivity Corporation's Autonomy Audit to our workplaces.
NDUM's 8th Convocasion
Congratulations to all our graduates for their convocation on 7th and 8th November.
CPR Training
Strengthening security and safety in the faculty, we trained our people with CPR.
2017 SEA Games Torch Run, August 12th
UPNM and FKJ, are proud and honored to be one of the Torch Bearer in the 2017 SEA Games Torch Run from Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium to Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Proud to be recognized.
July 7th, 2017 Reception of Masters Students
Welcome to all our former cadets and students, who are now rejoining as young officers and graduate students. Score in your Master in Mechanical Engineering.
March 24th, 2017 Dean's Award
Faculty of Engineering honored the outstanding achievement of our students by awarding them Dean's Award. Good job and keep it up!
November 12th - 13th 2016 NDUM 1 Decade
1 Decade NDUM. National Defense University of Malaysia celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and moves forward.
NDUM 7th Convocation October 26th, 2016
The faculty wishes congratulations and a bright future ahead to all our graduates for their convocation at our 7th Convocation Ceremony 2016.
Korban Fest
September 15th, 2016, it is a korban fest for Raya Haji at UPNM.
Campus Wide Raya Fest
July 27th, 2016, UPNM's campus wide Raya Fest for first time held by pool side. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.
JKEE and Front Office Majlis Hari Raya
July 26th, 2016, the whole faculty enjoyed the Majlis Hari Raya handled by JKEE and Front Office. This year specialty is mojito - complete with the demonstration.
Leadership Talk by West Point, July 26th 2016
The university is proud and honored to receive a visit and talk by representatives from United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point
EAC Visit, May 11th 2016
It is time for the new cycle. The Faculty is welcoming the deligates of EAC for our curriculum evaluation.
Visit by Sek. Men. Teknik Kuala Lumpur, May 7th 2016
The Faculty is honored to be a host by a visit from Sek. Men. Teknik Kuala Lumpur. We wish it to be fun and educational.
3rdInternational Design and Articulation Participation
Congratulations to Major Dr. Vikneswaran and Mr. Azani for winning two Bronze Medals and one Silver Medal at The 3rd International Design and Articulation, Kangar, Perlis. Our people are all-time-winners.
Our People in Nadimasa
The Faculty is proud to have Mr. Mohamad Faizal Abdullah, Dr. Raja Nor Izawati Raja Othman and Dr. Anis Shahida Niza Mokhtar to serve the UPNM's Academic Staff Society, Nadimasa, as Deputy President, Secretary and Faculty of Engineering Representative, respectively.
i-ENVEX 2016 Participation
Our students had shown an outstanding performance at the International Engineering Invention and Exhibition (i-ENVEX 2016), April 8th-10th 2016, at the University of Malaysia Perlis (Unimap), by receiving two silver medals. Congratulations.
iCompEx 2016 Participation
Our first year students had won one Gold Medal, two Silver Medals and two Bronze Medal at National Innovation and Invention Competition Through Exhibition, iCompEx, 2016, at Jitra. Congratulations to all winners.
Our People Serving the Campus: Center for Tropicalization
Congratulations to Lt. Kol. Dr. Khairol Amali Ahmad for the appointment as Deputy Director for the Center for Tropicalization. Best wishes for your services to the center.
Dean's Award Ceremony, February 26th, 2016
Congratulations to the Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award Winners Semester 1 Session 2015/16. Keep up the good work.
IEM Talk, February 26th, 2016
In conjunction with the Dean's Award Ceremony, the faculty invited Ir. Dr. Cheong Thiam Fook, the Chairman of IEM's Sub Committee of Membership Drive and Promotions, to give a talk on engineering profession, mostly about what the society, government and the organization expect from the graduates.
New Students' Oath September 8th 2015
Witnessed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Students' Affair and Alumni, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fadzil Che Din, the batch of Session 2015/16 new UPNM students intake, cadets and civilians, took an oath and commitment as undergraduates.
Dean's Award Ceremony Semester 2 2014/15
It was the time to celebrate the top scorers of the previous semester. Congratulations for your excellent work. Keep it up!
Tokoh Maulidurrasul 2015
Congratulations to our honorable Head of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, A. P. Dr. Azizi Miskon, for receiving the Tokoh Maulidurrasul Award in the recent UPNM's maulidurrasul event.
Moto Innocup 2014
Congratulations to our Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering students delegate for getting the Second Runner-up in Motorola's Moto Innocup 2014, December 1st 2014, Penang.
British Invention Show & Awards, October 22nd - 25th, 2014
It was an outstanding job for the Faculty's academic staffs to win the glorious awards at the British Invention Show & Awards. Congratulations to all winners, most notably AP Dr. Azizi Miskon, for winning the The Best Award King Hamad International Award for Invention, Platinium & Gold.
UPNM's 5th Convocation
Congratulations to all our graduates and future leaders for their convocation on October 20th to 21st 2014. We wish them all the best in their future career.
Faculty of Engineering's Dean's Award Ceremony
September 9th, 2014, the Faculty Engineering held its Dean's Award Reception Ceremony for those who received it from the previous semester. Congratulations to all receivers, and keep up the good job.
FKJ's Hari Raya
August 29th, 2014, the Faculty held its Hari Raya party and wishes all the staff Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.
Faculty of Engineering's E-Learning Workshop
August 28th, 2014, the Faculty held its E-Learning workshop to increase awareness and involvement among the academics and support staffs with this new paradigm in teaching learning.
Training by Altec Industries and Engineering Supply Sdn. Bhd.
Thank you to Altec Industries and Engineering Supply Sdn. Bhd. for a lengthy training on the installed non-destructive testing machine at Materials Lab, August 18th-20th 2014.
Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award Reception
May 21st, 2014, the Faculty held its Dean's Award Reception Ceremony to our top students with GPA 3.50. Congratulations to all receivers, and keep it up!
Comissioning of NDUM Young Officers 2014
Congratulations to NDUM Young Officers for their official commissioning ceremony on April 12th 2014. The faculty prays for all the best in their service in Malaysian Military.
UPNM Engineering Student at IEM Awards Night
Congratulations to Farah Khairunnisa, a final year student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, for receiving an award at IEM 55th Annual Dinner Awards Night April 19th 2014. The Faculty and the Military Training Academy are very proud of you. Keep up the good work.
EAC 3 Years Accreditation
Congratulations to the staff and academics of the Faculty of Engineering for earning a 3 years accreditation until end of 2016. All the hardwork proved to be fruitful. Congratulations.
20th MEIPTA Meeting
The Faculty of Engineering is proud to host the venue of the 20th Meeting of E-Learning Gurus of MEIPTA took place in NDUM 4th to 5th of March 2014 at our new Main Meeting Room.
New Head of Departments
Congratulations to Associate Prof. Dr. Azizi Miskon and Prof. Dr. Aidy Ali for the appointment as the new Head of Electrical & Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Departments. All the best with your new duties.
New Contributors to the University
Congratulations to Associate Prof. Mejar Ir. Kamaruddin Abdul Ghani (B) for the new appointment as The Head of System and Communication Security Department at The Center for Cyber Security, and to Prof. Dr. Ir. Wan Ali Wan Mat for the appointment as the new Director of The Center for Academic Development. Best wishes for your new duties.
New Management
Congratulations to our new Dean, Prof. Dr. Megat Mohamad Hamdan Megat Ahmad, new Deputy Dean (Academic), Lt. Kol. Associate Prof. Ir Khalid Abd Jalil (RMAF) and new Deputy Dean (Research & Graduate), Associate Prof. Dr. Risby Mohd Sohaimi. The Faculty members are looking forward a new bright and challenging future.
Premiere Orientation Program
UPNM has conducted a grand campus wide Premiere Orientation Program on October 17th to 19th 2013. And congratulations to the Faculty of Engineering and the Batalion Tuah for winning the overall first place in the sports event.
EAC Visit
All the best to the faculty members for the EAC Visit taking place October 7th and 8th 2013. The delegates are welcomed to check and comment on our engineering courses.
UPNM's 4th Convocation Dinner
Following military tradition, the graduates of the UPNM's 4th Convocation were celebrated in the Convocation Dinner at The Hotel of The Golden Horses, September 27th 2013.
UPNM's 4th Convocation
The Faculty wishes warm congratulations to all our graduates for their Convocation Day on September 23rd - 24th 2013. Our prayer is with you for any career path do you choose.
Curricullum Review Workshop
Keeping up with the upcoming EAC visit, the faculty handled a curricullum review exercise in the nearby Wellness Hotel at The Mines, on July 5th - 7th 2013. The focus was to fulfill any new requirement in the latest EAC Manual.
VCs' Duty Handover Ceremony
Faculty of Engineering welcomes our former Vice Chancellor, Y.Bhg Jeneral Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Hj Zulkifli Bin Hj Zainal Abidin, for his comeback to UPNM. The Duty Handover Ceremony took place with his predecessor on July 5th 2013.
UPNM's 2013 Excellent Service Awards
Congratulations to the staffs of The Faculty of Engineering who received UPNM's Excellent Service Awards held on April 11th. Keep up the good job.
Luncheon and Benediction Prayer
Expressing our concern to our brothers and fighters in Lahad Datu, KESUTERA organized a luncheon and benecition prayer (doa selamat) for them. Certs, prizes and finantial aids have also been given away to the receivers.
FKJ's Friendly Badminton
Thanks to KESUTERA's committee, on February 22nd 2013, the faculty had enjoyed friendly bandminton matches and win some hampers.
UPNM's 2013 Commissioning Ceremony
UPNM held its 2013 Commissioning Ceremony for its lines of next Young Officers in February 2nd. The faculty is proud to be part of those Young Officers training in academic.